October 2009
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I bottomed out October 1st

on October 10th, 2009 by journeyupward

October 1st was my worst nightmare.  My mood totally bottomed out–deadly depression.  I was ready to end it all.  Hubby intervened and had me admitted to a hospital to protect me.  I spent 6 days there and was released on the 7th.  I have to say that the staff were all very kind and willing to help despite how busy they were.  All my meds were changed there so I don’t know what my own Dr will want to do–agree or disagree with the change.  I’m not very worried–no meds work perfectly for me.Thankfully, my oldest son flew in to support my hubby and stayed for a few days more to make sure I was OK after I got out.  It’s precious to know you are loved and supported like that.  My other 2 sons wanted to fly in too, but my hubby convinced them it wasn’t necessary–there was nothing more that they could do.Bipolar Disorder is hard to treat, especially if the cycles have escalated in frequency and intensity because it hasn’t been treated for 43 years or more.  No one suspected suspected there was a problem brewing.  As a result, there was never a trip to the Dr for a diagnosis concerning my behavior.Looking back I can see how it progressed.  Hindsight has 20/20 vision or better.Well, I’m glad it’s over and  despite the awful pit I was in, I am thankful for everything I learned because of it.

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