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Medication Changed and I Have Found Relief

on May 10th, 2008 by journeyupward

Today has been a wonderful day.  For the first time in ages, I woke up feeling fairly rested, energetic and ready to meet the day.  I was looking forward to making a really nice breakfast for my spouse.  I was able to multi-task, washing dishes and cleaning up at the same time I was cooking!  I went shopping for some new casual clothes in fresh, happy colors.  When I got home, we had lunch and went for an hour walk at a local preserve.  I found joy in the scent of the pine trees, the just-blooming mountain laurel and the feel of various kinds of wet moss.  I could actually feel the working of my muscles again.  I felt so GOOD today!

I haven’t been able to feel deep emotion,  feel the muscles in my body or to do the ordinary things in daily life at a normal pace for about a year or more.  My body felt like lead and my brain (mind) was totally numb.  For the last year, I have lived in the present moment, unable to think a day forward or backward.  It got so bad that  one month ago, I couldn’t remember details of conversations I had or tasks that I had done only a half hour before.  I was just existing in the present moment.  It was a frightening experience.

I thank God for my doctor who figured out that the medicine I was prescribed prior to being referred to him was probably the bulk of my problem.  He took me off of it and started me on a new one.  The transition was awful but totally worth it to feel so wonderful today.  I hope I will stay this way most of my days.   Finally, relief and joy.  I am starting to anticipate a bright future.

Wishing everyone bright days,        Journey

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